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Things you might want to know, so you can play XE88 efficiently! 😎
🛑Can I join XE88? 

You are eligible to join XE88, if you are 21 years old or above. To join XE88, you may contact our customer service and provide them some simple information. 

1.📛 Your name 

2.📞Your phone number 

3.🏦Your bank name and account number for CUCI purpose


🛑Do my information provided secured?

Please be certain of our company is operating under legal licensing and of professional operational team. Your personal information filled will be kept in private and confidential and will not be given to any third party. 


🛑How to top up XE88 credit, when my account credit is running out?

We provide top up service as well. To top up, you can contact our customer service and tell them the amount that you intend to top up. Kindly send the payment receipt to our customer service, so that your payment is verified, and we will top up credit for you after that. 


🛑I have winnings in XE88 account, can I withdraw those winnings/ CUCI XE88?

Yes, you can withdraw the winnings that you won from XE88. We do also allow you to CUCI XE88. However, our minimum withdrawal is RM50, therefore please make sure you have RM50 in your account. For CUCI, we provide a high rate of return. 


🛑How to withdraw/CUCI XE88?

To withdraw or CUCI XE88, you may find our customer service for assistance. Send them your game ID and the amount you'd like to withdraw, then we will transfer the amount to the bank account provided upon registration. 


🛑How can I find XE88's customer service? 

Our customer service will be Online 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. You may approach our customer service through Live Chat, Telegram, WeChat and Whatsapp. However, Live Chat is more recommended, as our customer service are standing by there to serve you😀